How to Save on Homeowners Insurance
Homeowners insurance is a must-have tool to safeguard yourself against the risks that come with owning a house. Existing homeowners will receive their insurance binder 30 days prior to the renewal date so that it can be placed on the loan and the escrow account can be updated. It can be a significant expense, particularly for those who live in high-risk areas, but here are a few ways to save on homeowners insurance. If you’re looking
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Most people take loans to finance a real estate project, buy a vehicle, plan a vacation, or purchase personal goods. Preparing your application is vital to increase your chances of getting a loan. Thanks to online banking, you can apply for a loan seamlessly on the go, provided you complete the documentation. Your lender appraises your loan application in terms of income, your ability to pay, and a good credit score. In most cases, the
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Are you thinking about flipping a house? You’ve probably seen some of those HGTV shows that make flipping a property sound great and like it’s all going to be all candy canes and unicorns… Spoiler, it’s not candy canes and, from my experience, there are no unicorns either. But yes, when done correctly and carefully, flipping a house can be a great tool to make a chunk of cash that you can use to fuel
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If you’re like many investors, you may find yourself in a situation where you are going to sell properties with owner financing (and hold the note) OR you might buy an existing note with plans on collecting monthly payments. In either case, you are going to need a quality, reputable note servicing company to help you with things like accurate payment and payoff statements, 1098 reporting, and annual escrow disclosures just to name a few.
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