August REI

Amy Sayre

Managing Principal


Recognizing a need in the investor community for private party lender loan servicing, Amy founded August REI, LLC in June of 2009. Beginning with just 25 loans, Amy has grown the August REI portfolio to $149,000,000 plus with the enviable default rate of 1.80%; her prior background in mortgage loan servicing, property management and management of a residential appraisal firm have serve d her well. Amy remains as the President and CEO of August REI and directs the compliance required by state and federal regulation. Amy continues to build the portfolio with the August REI mission statement in mind: Never compromise trust, timeliness and quality of service to any client. Amy graduated from the University of Texas-Arlington with a B. A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; she lives in Rockwall, Texas with her husband and their three sons.

August REI

Consuelo Moore

Director of Operations


Consuelo Moore is core to the success of August REI joining in 2012. As CFO, she serves as liaison for asset managers and outside counsel during any legal proceedings. She also monitors August REI’s best practices & communication protocol. She oversees the budgeting of strategic development and execution in addition to day-to-day financials. Consuelo also implements special projects for the management team. Additionally, she provides one-on-one service to all parties in a transaction requesting expanded information on August REI’s services.

August Real Estate Investments, LLC

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